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Skills, Tests, Achievement, Recognition – this is what STARSkate is all about!




Program Information

At the STAR Skating Level the coaches and the LTAD model recommend that skaters participate in 3-4 sessions of skating a week.

Skaters will continue to develop their skills within the areas of Freeskate (jumps, spins), Skills (edges, turns & field moves) and Dance (turns, step sequences & dance patterns). At this level of skating, the instruction needs to become more targeted to the individual athlete.

As skills become more challenging, off ice plays a key element in athlete development.
Off-ice helps to develop flexibility, agility and strength, while supporting skaters in
practicing new skills on land. Skaters are required to wear running shoes and clothing
that allows them to move and stretch easily and safely. 


Lesson Format

Skaters at this level are encouraged to participate in private lessons, to support their
growth in the sport. Private lessons can take different forms; private (one on one
instruction), semi-private (2 skaters) and small group (3 or more skaters). Coaches
use semi-private and small group lessons when there are skaters working on the same
skills or elements (this can help to keep the cost of lessons down). Please contact the
coaches if you have questions about private lessons or coaching fees

Goal Setting

Goal setting is key in supporting skaters to reach their potential. Coaches will be sending an email in August so a goal setting session can be set up at the beginning of September. Coaches, parents and skaters all need to have a common understanding of what they are aiming for. This can be aided by setting goals and creating an action plan. Coaches will connect with you across the year to hold a check-in session to review your skaters progress


There may be opportunities over the season for skaters to participate in competition. 
Coaches will send out an email prior to registration opening to inform you of the
upcoming opportunities. Different competitions target different competitive levels and
coaches will ensure they match your child’s competitive level with the opportunities
available across the season.


Coach assessment of your skater is a very important part of a skater’s development.  Your Coach will decide which assessment your skater is prepared for and will advise you when an assessment will be done.  Assessments will follow Skate Canada's Star1 - Gold guidelines  

Junior skater (Star 1 to 2)

  • Skating Skills: Preliminary, Junior Bronze
  • Free Skating: Preliminary, Junior Bronze
  • Dance: Preliminary, Junior Bronze
  • Interpretive: Introductory
Intermediate skater (Star 3 to 4)
  • Skating Skills: Senior Bronze, Junior Silver
  • Free Skating: Senior Bronze, Junior Silver
  • Dance: Senior Bronze, Junior Silver
  • Interpretive: Bronze
Senior skater  (Star 5 to Gold)
  • Skating Skills: Senior Silver, Gold
  • Free Skating: Senior Silver, Gold
  • Dance: Senior Silver, Gold, Diamond
  • Interpretive: Silver, Gold


Click Here for more information on BSC Assessments.

Click here for a link to Skate Canada's Assessment Information

  • sharpened figure skates 
  • skating dresses or leggings with tights
  • snug fitting sweaters (no hoodies)
  • gloves
  • running shoes for off ice training
  • water bottle


Fundraising & Volunteering

This season's fundraiser will be a 50/50 cash raffle.  Stay tuned for more details.



Beaumont Skating Club