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Calling all aspiring skaters! 





STAR 1 - 5 Coach assessed on club ice and include Skills, FreeskateArtistic and Dance.
STAR 6 - Gold for Skills may be coach assessed or Evaluator assessed
STAR 6 - Gold for Freeskate, Dance and Artistic are Evaluator assessed

STAR 1-5 Assessments

The STAR 1-5 program includes five levels of assessment in each discipline: Skills, Freeskate and Dance. Assessments are completed by the coaches and can be completed at any time throughout the season during your skater's regular ice time. In order for Coaches to assess their skaters, they must complete the mandatory Skate Canada Assessment training.
Coach assessment of your skater is a very important part of a skater’s development.
  • It measures their progress and allows them to see the results of their hard work·
  • It allows the coach, parent and skater to plan the season ahead
Your Coach will decide which assessment your skater is prepared for and will advise you when an assessment will be done.

Click here for BSC Assessment Day Procedures

Star 6-Gold Assessments

Star 6-Gold assessments are in each of the following four disciplines: Skills, Freeskate, Dance and Artistic.

Assessments for Skills and Artistic can be completed by your skaters’ coach if they have completed their STAR 6-Gold Coach Assessment training. Otherwise, skaters can attend an Assessment day and a Skate Canada Evaluator will complete the assessment.
For those skaters who are completing their Artistic Assessments, please note the mandatory clothing requirements. Speak to your Coach for details.

Assessments Fees:

The Coach Assessed fees (Star 1-5) are $12.00 each. This fee is payable to the Beaumont Skating Club by logging in to your UPLIFTER account and selecting the Registration Tab, Clicking Assessments and finding the specific assessment as described by your skater’s Coach. Payment of the assessment is to be completed before the assessment can occur.  Assessments cannot be completed until fees are paid.
For Assessments outside of the Club, these fees will vary and will be at the discretion of the Assessing Club. The Assessment Coordinator and Coach will communicate with you.