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and our MOST frequently asked question about registration....


"FUNDRAISING AND VOLUNTEER COMMITMENTS and how to understand my invoice?"

Fundraising and Volunteer fees are "future payments" to be charged if you DO NOT fulfill your fundraising and/or volunteer commitments.

To give an example....

Jane Smith is registered for the Monday PreCanSkate session, 6:00 - 6:30pm

$168  - is the Program Fee

$44    - is Jane's Skate Canada Membership for the year (September 1 - August 31) 

$100   - fundraising   (FUTURE PAYMENT only processed should you not participate)

$100   - volunteer shift  (FUTURE PAYMENT only processed should you not participate)

$412.00  Total invoice (which understandably is the confusing part) 

Payment option 1: Select "PAY BY INSTALLMENT" if you want to fundraise and volunteer and you will pay the $212 today.  As each commitment is completed the additional FUTURE payments are removed from your account.

Payment option 2: Select "PAY IN FULL" if you want to OPT OUT/BUY OUT your fundraising and volunteer obligation and you will pay the full $414, then you have completed your fundraising and volunteer for the season!


***PLEASE NOTE:  If your child is skating in the current Fall session and returning in the Winter session and you have completed your fundraising commitment you WILL NOT have to participate in the Winter fundraiser.  Volunteer shifts are required for BOTH sessions.  Choose "pay by installment" and once verified the fundraising charge will be removed from your account.





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