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                                                                     BEAUMONT SKATING CLUB
                                             PARENT HANDBOOK



This handbook has been prepared to help all our Club Members and their parents understand the aspects
of our Skating programs.

Please take the time to read this handbook in order to familiarize yourself with our Club, the sport of
skating and what will be expected from you as a member of our Club.

The Beaumont Skating Club (BSC) is a Skate Canada sanctioned club within the AB/NWT/Nunavut
section of Skate Canada, and our programs are developed and implemented by Skate Canada standards.
Skate Canada is the governing body of amateur skating/figure skating in Canada. It provides standards
and rules for the activities of its members, qualifies and appoints evaluators, judges, and other officials,
conducts training seminars for coaches and skaters, provides information to the general public, and
provides financial support. Membership includes all amateur figure skating clubs, all Skaters of each
club, coaches, executive and officials. All members are registered with Skate Canada through their
home club upon payment of the annual registration fee (Skate Canada Fee- SC). Each skater will receive
a Skate Canada registration identification number that is recorded at the national office. This number
does not change and remains your link to Skate Canada forever; even in years you are not an active
member. In order to attend a Club or Skate Canada Sanctioned Assessment Day, Competition or any
other Skate Canada sanctioned event you must be a current member of Skate Canada.
BSC will continue to deliver quality CanSkate, recreational and competitive skating programs. We are
very proud of our club and our coaches. If you have any questions or you would like to help out with
anything, please contact any Executive Member.

As a Skate Canada sanctioned club, all members of the BSC pay a once a year fee, September 1 - August
31, that includes the mandatory Skate Canada membership, insurance, administration costs and Safe
Sport fee. This is called the Skate Canada Membership (SC).

Registration for all our programs is completed online through the Uplifter Registration system. All
programs being offered will be displayed on the Club website and in the Uplifter System.
For more information on our Registration dates & times, please follow our Facebook Page or our website

We keep all of our members informed of what’s happening at BSC through several methods:
● Website and Email – in an effort to save our environment and keep administration costs down, we
have a website ( which we encourage you to check often. The
website is updated regularly with announcements, news and anything else we feel is of interest to
our skaters. You will also receive emails from the Club reminding you of upcoming events.
Please ensure you Opt In to club communications when setting up your Uplifter profile.
● Social Media – We have a Facebook page which can be found by searching Beaumont Skating Club.
● Bulletin Board – We encourage you to check our bulletin board often for current information. The
board is located on the main floor of the Ken Nichol Recreation Centre just outside Arena 2.
● Newsletters – Club newsletters are sent out via email, posted on our website and attached to our
bulletin board.

All Executive positions with the Beaumont Skating Club are parent volunteer elected positions. It is due
to the hard work of these individuals that our children are able to skate at all levels. The BSC Executive
is active 12 months of every year (August 1st-  July 31st). During this time we are organizing fundraising
activities, registering skaters, organizing assessment and competition days, and carrying out the
multitude of other details related to the operation of our Club. New Executive members are elected at
every annual AGM in the spring of the skate year. A monthly meeting is held during the skating season
on the first Thursday of the month, that Executive members are required to attend. All meetings are
open to ALL BSC members as well. If interested in being part of the Executive and would like more
information, contact any of the existing Executive Members or email the club for more details.

There are benefits to joining the Executive – contact us for more details.
Our current positions are:
Vice President
Registration/Communications Coordinator
Assessment Coordinator
Fundraising/Volunteer Coordinator

As a Skate Canada sanctioned club, The Beaumont Skating Club Coaches are certified to teach under the
strict rules of the Skate Canada mandate. All Coaches that are coaching the Skate Canada programs
must meet Skate Canada/NCCP requirements.

All StarSkaters 10 years of age or older are encouraged to become Program Assistants for the younger
skaters during PreCanSkate and CanSkate sessions. Their duties include assisting the professional
coaches during lessons, leading activities in the warm-up and cool-down portion of the sessions, and
helping our new skaters to get their balance on the ice. Please contact the Head Coach for more details.

BSC Code of Conduct and Ethics
Our Club can only function if all of its members - skaters, coaches, and parents are working together.
Our Club follows the Skate Canada Code of Conduct and Ethics for Skaters, Clubs, Coaches, Parents and
other Skate Canada staff. To find this document in its entirety, please click the link of

BSC Safety Rules
There are also some CLUB Specific Safety rules that must be followed which include and not limited to:
1. Permission must be attained before leaving the ice for any reason. This is both a courtesy to
staff and a safety factor for the skaters.
2. If a parent or a skater not during lesson time needs to speak to a coach, please do so while they
are off the ice. Try not to interrupt them while they are teaching.
3. No skater is to be on the ice at the same time as the Zamboni.
4. No skater is to be on the ice without a coach or BSC Executive Member present.
5. Skates must be worn on the ice at all times.
6. No parents are allowed on the ice at any time, for insurance reasons.
7. Skaters are not to enter or leave the ice over the boards or to sit on the boards.
8. No gum, candy or food is allowed on the ice or arena area.
9. Skate guards must be used when skaters leave the ice, for safety reasons.
10. Dressing rooms must be kept clean, tidy and orderly. This means that trash must be placed in bins

We as a Club understand that sometimes skaters are not ready for skating when we, as parents, think
they are. We are happy to offer a refund providing the following:
Beaumont Skating Club Refund Policy - NO Exceptions:
PLEASE NOTE: It is the skater's responsibility to notify the Registrar at of any withdrawals or changes to the program.
Full Refund Deadline: 7 days prior to the program skate date, a full refund will be issued including Skate
Canada fee.
Should a skater wish to withdraw between 7 days prior to OR within 7 days after the start date:
● $25 Refund Administration Fee and Skate Canada fee will be charged and a refund for the
pro-rated remainder of the season will be issued.
● After the Deadline Date: NO REFUNDS will be issued (this includes Fundraising and
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) & Administration Fees:
● The Club imposes a $25 NSF on all non sufficient/declined payments.
● All Registration Refunds will have a $25 Administration Fee imposed on them.
● Any skater not in good standing will be restricted from participating in programming until their member
account is paid up to date.

All programs with the Beaumont Skating Club are subsidized through a variety of fundraising initiatives
which vary each year. For the current year’s Fundraising initiatives, please check out the website and
your email for details.
Extra fundraising initiatives are in place for Junior Academy and StarSkaters – IF you choose to do it.
This program is to help pay for extra fees that are imposed in these programs. This is OPTIONAL.
Details will be sent out throughout the season.

We are a Non-Profit organization and all Executive roles are filled by Volunteers. It takes a lot of time
and effort from everyone to operate the Club. The Executive cannot run the club by themselves so we
ask our parents to sign up for Volunteer Shifts to assist with certain events throughout the year. As
volunteer opportunities come available, we will send out sign up options on a first come, first served

Each year Club Events will change. Please check your email and/or the website for up to date

Proper equipment is essential to becoming skilled in most sports and Skating/Figure Skating is no
exception. Skaters of all levels cannot learn skills unless their skates fit well and support their ankles.
If a young skater cannot walk across the floor holding their ankles up it is highly unlikely that they will
be any better on the ice. Molded or adjustable skates are not recommended. Please check the website
for Skates Frequently Asked Questions.
They are used to protect the skates from damage by surfaces other than ice. They are placed over top
the skate blade to cover it. They protect the blades from cement, rocks, metal or wood which can
damage the skate blade, resulting in uneven skating, due to rusty and dull blades.
Skate guards should be removed from the blades when the skates are stored. This is to prevent the
blades from rusting.

Taking care of your skate boots and blades are very important. Some tips for taking care of them:
● After every wearing, blades should be dried with a cloth and stored without
plastic guards. They can be stored with soft guards on.
● Have a skate bag to keep skates, guards, soft guards, wipe cloths, extra laces,
helmets, etc. organized and at hand.
● Boots and laces should be kept clean. If not, residue can fall onto the ice and potentially cause
problems on the ice surface.
● While removing skates make sure that they are sufficiently unlaced so that the
back of the boot will not break down.
● Blades are sharpened properly on a regular basis. This is very important as the
blade is the contact that makes the edges enabling a skater to do turns, jumps and
spins. A poor sharpening can ruin the blade forever and affect skating ability.
It may cost a bit more, but having them done by an experienced technician will
increase the blade’s longevity.
● Figure Skates - The bottom pick should not be removed from a beginner’s figure skates. The
bottom pick may take a bit of getting used to, but it is important for jumping, footwork and

For Beginners we understand that a lot of them tend to end up lying on the ice however we find that
snowsuits can hinder a beginner skater as they are bulky and slippery. We would recommend a pair of
warm pants (not jeans) or even a couple of layers along with a sweater or a jacket (without a hood).
Gloves or mitts MUST be worn for warmth and safety. CSA approved Hockey Helmets are mandatory
for ALL skaters in the Learn-to-Skate and/or CanSkate programs. No other helmets will be allowed.
Scarves and large hats should be avoided as they can be dangerous.
For more experienced skaters, (Junior Academy and StarSkaters) they must wear proper skating tights
with either a dress or athletic wear. Jeans and baggy clothing are not allowed. Gloves/mitts are
recommended as well.

The Beaumont Skating Club is assigned up to two change rooms during the year for each session. These
are subject to change each day so we cannot guarantee we will have the same room during each session.
They are also unisex unless otherwise indicated.
Please check the KNRRC or BSRC display monitors upon arrival to confirm which change rooms are for
the BSC on each particular day.

Junior Academy

This is a 30 minute class designed specifically for children 3-5 years of age who have not had any
significant time on skates. This class introduces children to the ice and helps them to become
comfortable on skates through the use of music, toys, and games. Basic skating skills are taught such as
getting up from a down position, forward movement, backward movement, and stopping.
All lessons are given in a group format, led by a NCCP certified coach and trained program assistants.
Children must be somewhat independent and not require constant one-on-one supervision. CSA Approved
Hockey Helmets are MANDATORY. Skaters will be ready to move onto the CanSkate program when
they have gained confidence on the ice and have shown skill in getting up, gliding on each foot and
Every child’s development (physical, emotional and social) is different and so does being ready to learn in
a group environment. A child must be able to understand simple instructions and follow directions from a
person other than their parent.
Please be patient with our Coaches and most importantly with your Skater while they are learning to
skate. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your skater’s coach or email the club

CanSkate is a 45 minute class designed for beginners ages 5 and up. This program focuses on fun and
participation while teaching basic skating skills (skating forward, skating backward, stops, turns, spins,
jumps). Lessons are given in a group format, led by a NCCP certified coach and trained program
assistants. Skaters progress at their own rate and coaches make sessions active using teaching aids,
music, circuits, and games. Progress reports, badges and other incentives are awarded as skaters move
up from one stage to the next. Skaters will be ready to move onto STARSkate when they have completed
all six stages of CanSkate. CSA Approved Hockey Helmets are MANDATORY for all Skaters.

STARSkate offers opportunities for skaters of all ages to develop fundamental figure skating skills in
the areas of ice dance, skating skills, and free skate. This program teaches figure skating skills in a
progressive and sequential manner, and skaters have the opportunity to take Skate Canada Tests
through a nationally standardized testing system. Skaters who have mastered figure skating skills in
STARSkate may also choose to pursue synchronized skating or pairs skating.

Beaumont Skating Club offers two STARSkate levels:
Junior Academy
The Junior Academy (JA) program is an “invite to participate” program. It serves as a bridge between
CanSkate and STARSkate. Skaters are introduced to figure skating skills in the areas of Ice Dance,
Skating Skills, and Free Skate, with Preliminary levels offered for all three. Lessons are given in a
group format, and then skaters will also begin to learn independent work skills. This may include private
lessons. There are a number of invitational competitions available to the skaters at this level.

STARSKATE – The STARSkate program is available to all skaters, both competitive and recreational.
Skaters will continue to work on their Ice Dance, Skating Skills, and Free Skate and can begin
assessments in all these areas at the discretion of the Coaches. Instruction is given mostly as private or
semi-private lessons, based on a contractual agreement between the skater, parents and the coach. This
means that fees charged by the Club are ice fees only; private/semi-private lesson fees are paid directly
to the skater’s coach. STARSkate is designed to allow each skater to reach their potential through
private instruction, practice time, and competition (if desired).
Off-ice training/Conditioning is mandatory for All skaters in JA and StarSkate.

This is an action-packed, high energy instructional program geared to hockey and ringette skaters that
focuses on balance, power, agility, speed and endurance. Skills, techniques and conditioning drills are
taught in a progressive format that emphasizes how the skills apply to game situations. Powerskating &
Skills provides an excellent complement for those athletes playing on hockey or ringette teams. All
participants must be able to fall down, stand up, and move forward on ice unassisted. Participants wear
full hockey/ringette equipment that is CSA approved.
Skaters are required to know how to skate. This is not a learn-to-skate program





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Beaumont Skating Club