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Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

Hockey versus Figure Skates?

Skaters in the PowerSkate programs must wear hockey skates! Skaters in the Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate programs are welcome to wear either hockey or figure skates. There are some important differences between the two types of skates, but these don't matter too much at the early stages of skating (and falling over). Figure skates have less of a curve on the blade than hockey skates, which make them easier for some skaters. However, figure skates have 'toe picks' on the front of the blades which are a tripping hazard if you are not used to them. If your skater knows that they want to learn to figure skate (spin and jump etc.) eventually, it will speed things up if they start in figure skates.

What kind of helmet does my child need for PreCanSkate and CanSkate?

Your child must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet. No bicycle, ski or snowboarding helmets. Full face shields are recommended. Click here for the complete Skate Canada helmet policy.




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