Extra Fundraising for IFS/JP/STARSkate
The fall Extra Fundraising campaign is to be announced.

What is Extra Fundraising?
An opportunity for families to raise extra funds to help offset the costs of coaches fees, test fees and competition fees.

Who can participate in Extra Fundraising?
Intro to Figure Skating, Junior Prep and STARSkate all have the option to participate in extra fundraising. This extra fundraising is not available for PreCan, CanSkate or Powerskating.

How does it work?
This is completely optional. All funds raised by the family are to be used directly by your skater. 

What is the fundraiser?
The BSC Executive decides on the fundraiser. If you have suggestions, please email the Club. Details of the Extra Fundraising will be communicated through email.

How do I get the funds for when I need it? 
The Club manages the funds you raise throughout the skating season. When you want to use these funds, simply email the Treasurer at beaumontskatingclub@outlook.com an explanation of what you would like to use the funds for and the Treasurer will make the payment. All requests of funds must be in writing for the Club's records.

What if the family has funds remaining at the end of the season? 
These funds will be given back to the family. These funds are yours and NOT the Club’s.