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Program Assistant Incentive Program

  • Skate Canada: Alberta-NWT/Nunavut (Section) considers the role of Program Assistant (PA) to be that of a volunteer.
  • The PA position was developed to provide a volunteer experience for skaters to assist with both the PreCan and CanSkate programs


  • A helping nature
  • Patience with others 
  • Reliable (please notify coaches at if you cannot make your scheduled shift)
  • Respectful 
  • Take guidance from coaches 
  • Ability to communicate ideas clearly 
  • A sense of commitment to tasks 
  • Qualities of a good role model 
  • Ability to lead activities in a creative and enthusiastic manner

The duties of the BSC Program Assistant include the following:

  • Attending training sessions
  • Assisting the coach to prepare name tags etc.
  • Record keeping
  • Greeting parents and skaters
  • Checking Equipment
  • Handing out information and awards
  • Leading the warm up/cool downs
  • Taking attendance
  • Assisting with circuits
  • Demonstrating skills and teaching progressions
  • Reinforce learned skills (follow up on coach instruction)
  • Leading activities
  • Assisting with an ice-show 


  • Helping others 
  • Learning more about figure skating – which can lead to a greater understanding of ones own technique 
  • Developing leadership skills – looks great on a resume!
  • Helping the sport grow! 
  • Recognition amongst peers 
  • Development of a strong sense of responsibility and commitment


Incentive/ Recognition:

PA volunteer contributions may be recognized through an honorarium system. PA will receive a credit of $5.00 per day, of supporting with the Precan and Canskate programs. This credit will be applied to their extra fundraising account. The total will be calculated twice a year; at the end of the fall and winter session.

In addition, PA may be recognized for the outstanding contribution through: 

  • Acknowledgement letter from the club for a PA’s resume or portfolio
  • Credit towards high school volunteer work requirement
Beaumont Skating Club