Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

How are figure skates supposed to fit?
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How are hockey skates supposed to fit?
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What kind of helmet does my child need for PreCan and CanSkate?
Your child must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet. Full face shields are recommended. Click here for Skate Canada helmet policy.

Starting the Winter 2018 session, helmet checks will be done prior to skaters starting their first lesson. If the helmet does not meet the appropriate Skate Canada standards, one warning will be given. After the warning, if the helmet still does not meet the appropriate Skate Canada standards, the skater will not be allowed on the ice until corrected.

My skater is a beginner. Can I remove the bottom pick of her figure skates to make it easier to skate?
The bottom pick should not be removed from a beginner’s figure skates. The bottom pick may take a bit of getting used to, but it is important for jumping, footwork and balance.